Family Visa

At BBIC Immigration Consultancy Services INC, we understand the importance of family unity and the significance of family visas in bringing families together. We are committed to assisting families in navigating the complexities of family visa processes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Our dedicated team specializes in family immigration services, providing expert guidance and personalized support to meet your family's unique needs. Whether you're looking to reunite with family members or bring your loved ones to join you abroad, we are here to simplify the journey for you.

We recognize that every family situation is different, and our tailored approach ensures that your application receives the attention it deserves. Let us help you reunite with your family or create new beginnings together in a new country.

Why Choose Our Family Visa Immigration Services

Comprehensive Family Immigration Strategies

We craft tailored immigration strategies based on your family's unique circumstances, ensuring a personalized approach that maximizes your chances of a successful application.

Expertise in Family Visa Processes

Our team of immigration experts provides detailed guidance on family visa application processes, ensuring that you understand the requirements and submit a thorough and accurate application.

Emotional Support for Family Reunification

We understand the emotional challenges of family reunification and provide dedicated support throughout the process, ensuring a compassionate approach that prioritizes your family's well-being.

Holistic Family Integration Services

Beyond visa issuance, we offer support with various aspects of family integration, including accommodation, schooling, healthcare, and more, to ensure a smooth transition for your family in a new country.

Specialized Legal Assistance

Our experienced immigration lawyers specialize in family immigration matters, providing expert legal advice, representation, and advocacy to protect your family's interests throughout the application process.

Client-Centric Approach

We are committed to your satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional service, including clear communication, personalized attention, and a focus on ensuring a positive and successful immigration experience for your family.

Countries for Family Visa


A Canadian family visa offers the opportunity to reunite with family members in a country known for its high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and strong social support systems.

United States

A United States family visa allows families to join their loved ones in a country known for its diverse culture, educational opportunities, and economic prosperity.

United Kingdom

Obtaining a family visa for the United Kingdom provides families with access to world-class healthcare, education, and cultural experiences in a historically rich environment.


An Australian family visa offers the chance to live in a country known for its beautiful landscapes, friendly communities, and excellent standard of living for families.

New Zealand

A New Zealand family visa provides families with the opportunity to live in a country renowned for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor lifestyle, and strong sense of community.


A European family visa allows families to live in diverse countries with rich histories, cultures, and opportunities for education and personal growth.